• We inspire, educate and nurture abused and neglected girls, putting them on a path to empowerment, opportunity and positive influence.

  • Join us in building a network of Dare Campuses around the world!

  • Our educational approach is comprehensive and experiential.  We focus on leadership skills, creative problem solving and understanding global perspectives.

  • Our ultimate goal is to inspire our students to become the next generation of local and global leaders.

  • Dare 2 Make a Change!

Did you know that 20.9 million adults and children are bought and sold each year? A staggering 98% of them are women and girls. The reality is, to stop this will require changing the consciousness of entire communities.  We started Dare 2 Make a Change to do just that. An audacious goal that begins with helping one girl at a time and ends with a global network of change-makers equipped with the passion and leadership skills to exert local and global influence.