Dare 2 Make a Change is a strong believer in collaboration. It is our goal to build a worldwide educational movement that chips away at gender inequality while catalyzing action towards a sustainable planet. Yes, we know it’s ambitious. We also know we can do it by building a strong network of dedicated change-makers that includes our own Dare graduates plus dedicated individuals and organizational partners.

We work with a partners in a variety of ways including corporate partnerships, foundation partners, educational partnerships and governmental partnerships. We encourage you to reach out to us to open a dialogue about potential collaboration.

Corporate Partners: We work with corporations in a variety of ways. Learn more about our strategic partnerships with Great American Cookies and Thrive Entertainment.

  • Strategic philanthropyGreat American Cookies
  • Cause marketing
    • Consumer fundraisers
    • Awareness campaigns
  • SponsorshipsThrive Entertainment
  • Host Healthy Vending Machines
  • Product purchases and consumer facing campaigns in Coffee Gives retail establishments
  • In-Kind donations and pro bono services
  • Employee engagement
  • Media partnerships
  • Benefit concerts
  • Television productions and brand integration in TV projects
  • #GivingTuesdayCoffee Gives

Foundations: We are thankful for the support of Foundations focused on empowering women and girls, education, as well as those interested in supporting community development in areas where we serve children.  Learn about support we receive from the Coffee Gives Foundation here.

Connect Ocean logoEducational Partnerships: We create strategic partnerships with organizations, such as Connect Ocean, that share our educational philosophy and can support our mission and enhance our programs.

Governments: We work closely with government entities and individuals where we establish our international Dare Campuses.

  • Costa Rica:
    • Ana Helena Chacon, Vice President of Costa Rica