Past, Present, Future


Dare 2 Make a Change’s mission is to provide a loving home and life-changing education to abused, neglected and underprivileged girls, empowering them to create positive change in their lives and communities. To fulfill this mission, we have developed an experiential teaching approach that brings learning to life for our students. Our programs include leadership training and stress the importance of sustainable solutions and community service in addition to the basics of education and the arts.

Our work is inspired by a need to change deeply embedded cultural practices that suppress the rights of women and girls. 20.9 million people are bought and sold every year. 98% are women and girls. Join us in building a network of Dare 2 Make a Change Campuses around the world to give girls and women a voice.

Our unique curriculum is practical and inclusive of local culture, but also places great emphasis on global perspectives, the development of sustainable solutions, and leadership training. We inspire our girls to become social impact leaders by encouraging them to ask questions, explore possibilities and create unique solutions to local and global problems.

Our immersive, experiential education style brings learning to life for our students, inspiring them to engage with the world around them in a meaningful and proactive way while gaining powerful analytical thinking, creative and problem solving skills.


Dare 2 Make a change was born out of Founder Bob Wilson’s deep calling to catalyze a change in consciousness that will lead to a more sustainable planet. Driven to create positive global change through cutting-edge education that empowers girls and women to become social impact leaders, Bob founded Dare 2 Make a Change in March of 2014. While on a visit to scout potential school locations, Dare 2 Make a Change achieved support from Costa Rica’s Vice President, Ana Helena, from Patronato Nacional de la Infancia the national organization of the Costa Rican government which is in charge of child welfare throughout the country, and from the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica. A property in Ojochal, on the south central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, south of San Jose, was purchased in 2015 for development of the Dare 2 Make a Change Costa Rica Campus and donated to the organization by its Founder. With its close proximity to sustainable resources and ease of access to the surrounding ecological diversity, it is a perfect fit for the first Dare 2 Make a Change Campus.


We are creating a global network of Dare 2 Make a Change Campuses and an international movement for change to serve local communities and address global issues. Our current efforts are focused on raising funds, raising awareness and the logistical efforts required to open our Dare 2 Make a Campus in Costa Rica.

We are building relationships with government entities, nonprofit organizations, businesses, individual volunteers and community leaders. We are setting policies, hiring educators, finalizing our curriculum and developing collaborative projects.

The existing buildings on our property in Costa Rica have been retrofitted to include housing for students and staff as well as indoor and outdoor classrooms. We are also incorporating sustainability-minded elements such as solar panels, rain water collection systems and a sustainable garden site. Our students will learn, first hand, the impact these elements can have on our planet.

Our Dare Campus environment and our approach to teaching will transform the lives of the abused, neglected and at-risk girls and women we serve. Our program of study not only addresses the basic academic topics of math, science, humanities, the arts, and physical education but also challenges each child to find real world application in sustainably managing areas such as agriculture, oceanography, and economics.

Our unique curriculum and comprehensive approach is about creating a meaningful, immersive learning environment. Our experiential learning activities bring learning to life for the students. We keep class sizes small and conduct class inside, outside and offsite, using the latest technology and the natural habitat to support learning. Our world class guest speakers, dining table facilitated dialogues, health and wellness and leadership training as well as arts and leisure activities round out a comprehensive education and life-changing experience.

Our education model is adaptive depending on age and ability. We combine students of similar ages into 3 educational groups (ages 4-7, 8-12 and 13-17), our learning and teaching techniques foster self-directed student learning skills in small student groups while implementing educators as facilitators or guides. Studies have shown that, together, students achieve at a higher level and demonstrate increased performance and enhanced social and ethical skills through teamwork, display greater psychological health and higher self-esteem, in addition to becoming more self-motivated.

Our students will leave us with strong analytical and creative thinking skills, a passion to affect positive change, and a deep understanding of how all things are interrelated in the global ecosystem.


Dare 2 Make a Change’s ultimate goal is to inspire the next generation of girls and women to become local and global leaders, using their influence to close the gender gap and develop innovative solutions toward a more sustainable planet. We plan to continually expand our network of positive influence to individuals and communities around the world by opening a new Dare 2 Make a Change Campus around the world. We will also continue to increase momentum and expand our movement for change, calling attention to the need for sustainable solutions and engaging people in our quest to empower girls and women to be catalysts for positive change. Dare 2 Make a Change graduates will remain connected and enjoy the support of an alumni network as they endeavor to accomplish their life’s work. We envision Dare 2 Make a Change alumni will hold positions of great influence in a variety of capacities: in the board room, in government, within their families and in local communities, bringing innovative solutions to life for their own fulfillment and for that of the greater good.